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Prevent confusing trans-women with real women

Dear Feabie staff:

I really like the option to be able to choose the "Site-wide my type filter" as I'm interested in women only. I mean, I don't hate men, but I neither have anything to say to them on this page, so I find it pleasant here to see women only.

However, it would be even more precise, if I could choose between "women" and "trans-women" for the same reason. I happen to be the one who like real women only.

Or if that's not an feature for your to develop, maybe you could add a tiny logo in every member's thumbnail image that shows the gender of the member?

Because 99 times of 100 it's a real woman that I'm interacting with. And after checking the gender of dozens of real women, some day I start forgetting to check their real gender in their profile. And after forgetting to check the gender, some day I end up interacting with a very beautiful woman. No. Wait. Trans-woman! OMG. Then I again remember to go and check the real gender of every woman for months, unless I forget it again, and I find myself interacting with a trans-woman.

That's why I'd like to whether exclude trans-women by default, or be reminded repeatedly and noticeably about the gender of the member that I'm interacting with.

In other words: Even if there is the "gender" to be checked in everyone's profile, I think it could be much more visible to prevent misunderstandings.

I know, I'm a little narrow-mined on this, but I would really appreciate if you could help me on this. I would assume that many other members would find it very helpful as well!

Many thanks! ❤️


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