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How to change push notification settings on iPhone / iPad


When you first launch our app, you will be asked for permission to receive push notifications. You can control if and how you receive push notifications on your iPhone through the settings within your device Notification Center.

You can access the Notification Center by:
Selecting the settings icon; then selecting Notification Center

From the Notification Center:​
Select our app since this is where you want to change notification settings
Choose the notification settings that you prefer--there are three types of notifications that you can receive from our app through your iPhone:

Alerts/Banners – Alerts appear as popup windows in the center of your screen and require an action in order to make them disappear. Banners roll down from the top of your screen and disappear quickly and automatically.
Badges – Appear as a small number on the app icon. These indicate the number of messages or notifications waiting for you.
Sounds – Audible notification sounds for incoming messages.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us, or if you feel this is more device related, you can contact Apple directly at or 1-800-MyApple


The Grokio Support Team  

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