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How can I only see people who are my type?


Good question! If you only want to see people who fit into your type, we have this nifty My Type feature, which can do exactly that.

If you’re using the website: Just log in to the website and click on the My Type filter in the left column to set your parameters. You can easily turn it on and off by clicking the button in the left column.

If you’re using the Grokio Communities app: Please select the “People” tab (the second tab at the bottom left) and scroll the top bar to the far right and click on the “Settings” section. There will be a section called “My Type Filter” which includes a button “Filter Configuration” that lets you set any parameters you might want as well as a toggle to activate or deactivate your My Type filter.

This feature is completely private, meaning other members can’t see what you've set and you’ll still appear to everyone else on the site. It’s just an easy way to help you find more guys who are your type.

Hope this helps,
The Grokio Support Team 

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