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I don't think I've hit my photo limit, so why is the site saying I did?


So you've hit the photo limit. There’s two things that cause for confusion here. The first is that we don’t define a single day as a set calendar day. Instead, we count it as 24-hour-windows following the most recent activity. So if you viewed 25 photos today at 2:00pm your time, you’ll be able to view another 10 photos tomorrow at 2:00pm. This can cause some unevenness in when photos are available for you to view, but you still get your full allocation of photos for each 24-hour period.

"But what about that second thing you mentioned?" Good memory! The second issue is that when you nom/like a photo on the site, it causes the photo to re-load and eats a second view for the day. We know that can be rough if you really like collecting photos in your Favorites list, but if you don’t want to eat extra photo views and still want someone to know you liked their photo, try leaving a comment (that won't eat a second view).

Hope this helps clarify,
The Grokio Support Team 

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